Student Societies: the weird and wonderful

This week many of us are gearing up to start a new term at university. Following our earlier blog post on what to look out for at freshers’ week, we decided to delve a little deeper into the world of student societies and came across some truly weird and wonderful student run organisations which we would like to share.


The Assassins’ GuildAssassins Guild

Stirling University

This society is not nearly as ominous as it sounds. While this society is not currently in operation this year, we thought they deserved a mention for being one of the most fun societies we came across. The Stirling University Assassins’ Guild organise campus wide nerf-wars and their own modified version of the game Assassin. If you don’t know the game, the rules are as follows:

The game host (in this case, the society) advertise the game and recruit players (assassins). Once enough players have signed up, each is assigned a target. The aim of the game is for each assassin to track and eliminate their target (the Stirling assassins use nerf-guns as their weapon of choice). Once an assassin has eliminated their target, they take their victim’s target and the game continues until one player remains – the victor.

This Society received an honourable mention in the 2013/14 Clubs & Societies Awards for Best Committee and Best Give it a go.


Guide Dog SocietyDU guide dogs

University of Dundee

If you love animals, then you will love the Dundee University Guide Dogs society. The society works with Guide Dogs Scotland and, to date, has raised over £2000 towards naming their very own guide-puppy. The society holds a variety of social events throughout the year including pub quizzes and a ceilidh to raise funds and awareness for the charity. Recently the society have started running trips to the Forfar Guide Dog Training Centre so that its members can see where their hard work pays off.

What we love most about this society is that they arrange ‘puppy therapy’ sessions where they take guide-puppies to the university library to help students de-stress during exam time.


Dumbledore’s ArmyDumbledore's army logo

Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

Dumbledore’s Army was founded in 2013 by a few Harry Potter lovers as a way of meeting fellow like-minded students. Three years later this award-winning society has grown into one of the largest at the university. Its members comprise of self-proclaimed ‘potterheads’ and fans of the film franchise.

The society run a variety of different events, from classic student pub-crawls, to wand crafting and game nights to accommodate students from all areas of study as well as non-students.

Every year starts with a sorting ceremony, where the society’s members are placed into houses. At each social-event members can earn points for their respective houses and at the end of each year the House-Cup is awarded to the house which has collected the most points at a leavers’ feast.

As well as this, the society raise money for their chosen charity, Lumos. Last year they did this by running a Harry Potter themed murder mystery night. The society has also worked with a local school in Aberdeen where they ran a Harry Potter day to promote literacy in schools – an event they hope to repeat.   


Beekeeping SocietyQU beekeeping

University of Glasgow

Glasgow University Bee Keepers are a student led society that aim to practice the rather unusual pastime of sustainable beekeeping across the university campus. Having recently moved locations, the society now operate out of the Garscube Campus at the university.

The society holds regular practical beekeeping sessions as well as some social events. If you’d like to try your hand at bee keeping and learn a new skill while making some new friends along the way then you can find the society on facebook.


Harry Potter and Quidditch Society14017843_531605903696836_724819322_n (1)

Exeter University

Here lies another for the Potter-fanatics among you and for those of you who have been living under a rock, Quidditch is the competitive sport from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Following the monumental success of the Harry Potter series, Quidditch has been adapted for real-world game play and many universities, such as Exeter, have added Quidditch to their list of team sports.

The Harry Potter and Quidditch Society is the largest fandom based society at Exeter University and is made up of Quidditch players and Harry Potter enthusiasts alike. The Quidditch team is new to the wider community of almost 50 established U.K. teams but has found early success in their début tournament in which the team beat Cambridge and faced the national champions from Oxford. Continuing to grow and develop as a team, the society are excited to take part in the newly established South West League. All eyes seem to be on the university from which Harry Potter’s author, J.K. Rowling, was educated.


20-Minute Society20 Minute

Newcastle University

This society is for you lovers of the unknown. The 20-Minute Society at Newcastle university organise a variety of social events throughout the year, including; pub crawls (often involving themes or fancy-dress);  ice skating; Christmas trips, pool parties; and more. What makes this society different? Its members only find out the location of the event 20 minutes before it starts!

The highlight of this society’s social calendar is their annual holiday of which the location remains a mystery until members arrive at the airport to check-in. Past locations have included Barcelona, Cologne, Amsterdam, and Budapest.

This society is great for anyone who wants to add a little spontaneity to their university routine and make new friends and memories to last a life time. If you want to get involved with the 20 Minute Society, they will be available to speak to at the university’s freshers’ fair, or you can contact them through the Student Union website.


If you are a member of any weird and wonderful student societies and would like to share your experiences with, you can contact us via facebook, or the contact form here

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