Amelia Mah – November/December

So November and half of December seem to have flown by, hence the combination of blog posts. A huge part of these months has been occupied by studying and assignments but a few of us managed to make it to Dundee Sheriff Court to the Staff v Student moot – congrats Kerri and Iain! It was great to see such a high level of mooting and give us a level to work towards. If anybody isn’t a member of the Mooting Society yet – I highly recommend you join! It makes the Foundations of Law assessed moot a breeze!



Somewhat tolerable. Some late night library trips, breakdowns and some serious googling later, they’re done. Moving on. I should have learnt by now not to leave things to the last minute – maybe I’ll crack it by next semester…



The bane of my existence. I could sit here and complain about them, but we’re all in the same boat, so let’s skip that. It has been difficult trying to balance the work load, generally living and additional things like Christmas shopping. I bought Christmas cards in November, but didn’t have the chance to write any until after my exams so I planned on being organised, it just didn’t work out that way. I’m sure you all will have found a suitable study location and method that works for you by now. I found it really helpful to have a look at past papers just to get an idea of the layout of the questions. I didn’t fully write all the answers to the questions but I did plan some of them out. Tedious – yes, beneficial – we’ll see come January.



Trying to feel festive with assignments due and exams approaching is difficult. Shout-out to Ailidh and Kai as they cooked us all an amazing Christmas dinner in their flat! Christmas exams can stress everyone out but if putting some Christmas decorations up in your flat helps you feel festive and de-stress, go for it! Also, if this is something you’d like, try and get together with your friends before everyone starts going home – I had a great potluck dinner at one of my best friend’s flat and it was great to see everyone before parting ways for the next month!


Going home

I’m fortunate enough to be able to go home for Christmas and New Year after what feels like a draining couple of months. I initially didn’t realise how much stuff I had in my room until I started loading it all into my car! Nevertheless, the feeling of arriving to a fully decorated home is one that was fully needed by the time semester one drew to a close.

Well, that’s it for this semester – rest up well for next semester, guys!

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