Month One


Moving in

Having finished my last SQA exam in June, I waited patiently for September to come by. It seemed ages away but before I knew it, it was moving-in day. Fortunately for me, I only live a 40-minute drive from Dundee so perhaps the experience was not as scary for me as it would have been for some of my friends who flew from the USA. Nevertheless, it was rather daunting.


Tip 1

Make a list of things you need to take with you. Also, spend some time finding out what is already in your accommodation such as kitchen appliances and bedroom furnishings – no point in bringing too much with you.

Tip 2

Get onto Facebook groups and try and find your future flatmates! Or even just someone in the same building or block – a familiar face is better than nothing in a brand new environment!

Having moved in, try and get to know your flatmates and neighbours as you’ll be spending the next year with them! Depending on your flatmates, you might want to have a set cleaning rota to keep your flat in order or you might just be more comfortable doing what needs done. Speak to your flatmates and see what you all think.


Freshers’ Week

Then comes Freshers’ Week. Everyone has different ideas of what Freshers’ Week is and what it is like, but it is more of what you make of it. Dundee University has a Union which is a student building on campus and it holds a different event each night. Other universities may be different depending on where you are studying. You can go to all of the events, none of them or just the ones you fancy.

Freshers’ Week also includes the Sports and Societies Fayre which is a great place to meet new people and make new friends. During Freshers’ Week, you may also have some introductory lectures or even a School welcome event so keep an eye out for them!

Tip 3

Join societies and clubs! It’s the best way to meet people and most universities will have a society for law students, if not more than one.

Sidenote: it is also very tiring! You will probably eat a lot of take-out too and catch some sort of cold from someone – come prepared with painkillers.

Once this ‘week of fun’ draws to an end, the real work begins.

To read theUpcomingLawyer’s guide to freshers week, click here


Law School

Hopefully, you’ll have met at least one other person on your course prior to your first lecture, whether it be a flatmate or a neighbour, and see if you can arrange to meet up with them to walk to your first lecture together.

Tip 4

If there is a group chat on social media for people on your course, join it! Better to get lost together on your way to your lectures than get lost on your own! It’s also handy to know other people so you can ask them questions too!

You’ll get a lot of information thrown at you during the first week, but don’t panic! Try and stay as organised as possible (easier said than done) with your timetable, the location of your classes, which class it is etc. If there is any preparatory reading, I highly recommend you do it as it is one less thing to worry about in your lecture. Even being vaguely familiar with legal terms will give you comfort in your new environment.


Having finished the first couple weeks of my course, settled into my flat and met some amazing people, I can definitely say it’s been an amazing few weeks. I’m still trying to work out a balance for studying, societies, hobbies and spending time with friends but everything should settle down soon. I owe a huge amount to everyone that’s helped me get this far (shout-out to my flatmates that fed me when I had no motivation to cook whatsoever) and I hope that everything continues to go smoothly. Always go to your lectures and tutorials well prepared – even if that does just mean giving the topic of the class a quick glance beforehand. If you’ve got any questions, don’t be afraid to ask the lecturers!

One of the societies I joined, the Mooting Society, held their first training session as well which was an amazing experience as well as meeting even more people on my course! Try and get involved in as many societies as possible to make the most of your university life!

Thanks for reading my first blog post, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll keep you updated next month!

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