Linklaters is a leading global law firm whose clients include  leading companies, financial institutions and governments. They have 29 offices in 20 countries. The firm employees 2164 solicitors and has 450 practising partners.  Their work is divided into three broad divisions: Corporate; Dispute Resolution and Finance and Projects. This encompasses a broad range of sectors.

Office Locations: London, the US, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and others.

Areas of Practice: Automotive, Banks, Chemicals, Energy & Utilities, Consumer, Healthcare, Industrials, Infrastructure & Transport, Insurance, Investment Managers, Mining, Private Equity & Sovereign, Wealth Funds, Real Estate & Leisure, Telecommunications, Media and Technology

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Training Contract 2018 application deadline: 6 January 2017

Training Contract 2019 application deadline: 6 January 2017

Winter Vacation Scheme (final-year undergraduates, postgraduate students and graduates) Deadline: 7th November 2016

Spring Vacation Scheme (final-year undergraduates, postgraduate students and graduates) Deadline: 6th January 2017

Summer Vacation Scheme (penultimate-year undergraduates) Deadline: 6th January 2017

Does Linklaters provide work experience programs? Yes, see the website for details of the Pathfinder programme.

About the Firm

Linklaters can trace its history back to 1838 when John Linklater went into partnership with Julius Dods to form the London firm of solicitors, Dods & Linklaters. The firm merged with Paine, Blyth & Huxtable in 1920 to create Linklaters & Paines.

In 1998, Linklaters & Paines formed Linklaters & Alliance with four leading European law firms and by 2002 it had merged with De Bandt, van Hecke, Lagae & Loesch (Belgium and Luxembourg), Lagerlöf & Leman (Sweden) and Oppenhoff & Rädler (Germany), with the firm rebranding to Linklaters.

It has continued to open offices, including: Beijing (2002), Lisbon (2002), Dubai (2006), Düsseldorf (2007) and Abu Dhabi (2011). In 2012, Linklaters formed an integrated alliance with Allens of Australia, and in 2013, it formed a collaborative alliance with Webber Wentzel of South Africa.


About the Training Contract

The Training Contract comprises four seats of six months each. This is so you have sufficient time to develop your skills and expertise in a particular area and to experience different stages of transactions. In each department, you will sit with a principal. A qualified lawyer in the department, they will provide overall training and supervision for that seat, mentor you as you learn the role and act as a guide for your future career. Each practice group also has a Group Trainee Solicitor Partner who is responsible for supporting you as you develop and discussing your options for career development. At key stages during your Training Contract you will discuss your progress with the Trainee Development Team and draw up a plan of which practice areas you will experience for the remainder of your Training Contract. Over two-thirds of trainees spend a seat on an international secondment, plus a further one-third undertaking a client secondment, so you can expect a truly international and multi-dimensional experience through a training contract at Linklaters.


About the Vacation Scheme

Salary: £400 p/w

You will work alongside experienced lawyers, doing the same kinds of activities as the trainees. In addition, there is a range of professional development sessions, designed to give you a broader understanding of the firm’s global business strategy and areas of practice, as well as the opportunity to develop your skills in areas such as negotiation and pitching to a client.

Throughout your time at the firm, you will have access to experienced lawyers and trainees who will be available to support you, answer your questions and offer constructive advice and feedback. In each department you experience, you will have a trainee ‘buddy’, who is on hand to integrate you into the team and discuss any questions you might have, as well as an associate ‘principal’. This is designed to mirror the sort of support you can look forward to if you join as a trainee.

To find out more information about the firm, click here.

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