October – Mooting; Assignments; and Life as a Law Student

We’re about 7 weeks into the course now and here is my blog post for October. Everything has picked up at university now as most societies and clubs will be in full swing as well as assignments and mid-term exams!

Here at Dundee, we experienced our first assignment and module exam in week 5. As I am also a member of the Mooting Society, my first moot was also in week 5. Not going to lie – it’s been a busy month in general.



Despite having mentioned how hectic week 5 was, mooting was such a great experience! The preparation for the moot threw us straight into the deep end of searching for our own cases, reading them, analysing them and then applying them to our moot problem. All skills which I believe will become easier the more mooting we do! It perhaps took my moot partner, Scott, and I slightly longer to put our submissions together as this was our first moot but after some late night library trips, we were set to go. The whole experience of mooting itself was daunting to begin with. However, I recommend getting stuck in and joining in on the internal or external competitions as it is embraces so many crucial skills such as public speaking, organisation as well as giving you the opportunity to put on a fancy outfit for the moot (the best bit, obviously).



Our first assignment was to write a case note worth 25% of our grade for the module. Initial reactions: PANIC. ALARM BELLS. IS IT TOO EARLY TO DROP OUT OF LAW SCHOOL? Yet somehow, I churned out an assignment. Not sure how well (or how badly) my assignment has gone yet so no life-changing tips from me on this part. However, I prefer to work on something over a few days rather than doing it all in one sitting. I’m sure by now you will know what way you work best as some people work better under pressure than others.


Living …kind of?..

I noticed that I had no routine whatsoever during October – no sleep pattern, no eating pattern, no studying pattern – and I realised I had to pull myself together, somehow. However, having experienced how cluttered my week can become, on Sunday night I decided to make a big batch of food and portioned it off for days of the week. Tired, hungry Wednesday night Amelia thanks Sunday night Amelia. I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BEFORE! I know people that do this and I always couldn’t be bothered because cooking in large quantities seemed like too much effort (lazy of me, I know…) but honestly, it has saved me additional stress during the week as well as time! For those of you who already do this, you’re geniuses!

Not sure whether I was whether I was in the mood for cleaning, if I was looking for a therapeutic activity or if was procrastinating from revision (probably the last option if I’m honest) but at one point in the week, I had to step away from doing work and reading to just chill. Everyone always says how important it is to take breaks and I find that so much easier said than done but I have found that it is important to take time out and go hang out with flatmates, do some cleaning or go for coffee with friends.



Whilst October has been demanding, it has kept me on my toes and I guess moving out forces you to balance studying and living. I would still say I’m adjusting to this, especially with the increased workload this month. Here’s hoping November, though with the same workload, will be slightly more settled and less manic. I have another assignment due, another moot case and another module exam the first week of November but I’m hoping that the experience from this month will make next month that tiny bit easier.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my bog post this month and I’ll keep you updated in November!

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